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Drug Testing At Work
A Guide For Employers 
Beverly Potter, Ph.D.
J. Sebastian Orfali, M.A.

Drug Testing At Work is a comprehensive guide to drug testing in the workplace. It describes basic terminology , how the tests work, legal issues, and steps employers can take to set up testing programs.

Drug Testing At Work explains what the tests can and can't determine and shows employers how they can maintain a drug-free workplace without violating individual rights. It reveals the dangers employees face in testing. People using over-the-counter medicines, for example, can get a positive result (false positive) for narcotics. And tests reveal personal information such as health problems and pregnancy.

Drug Testing At Work reveals techniques drug users have used to beat the test, including adulteration, substitution and flushing, and how employers can fight such cheating. It describes how employers can test for drugs without violating employees' civil rights.

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