Book Review

Using Intuition to Conceive and Achieve Your Dreams
by Dr. Beverly Potter


This is a very forgiving book for those of us who "color outside the lines"!

The description of high-performance people (perhaps more familiar as "over-achievers") identifies the difference between the wannabe and the can-do with a precision that's impressive. 

Covering many facets of goal-setting, Potter helps the reader understand how intuition works, the two kinds of motivation, what we do when we "get there," and plenty of foibles and traps we set to talk ourselves out of getting what we want. 

This is definitely a book for "the rest of us," deftly explaining how much negativity exists in our cultural system: studying not to fail, working hard to not lose your job, etc. Once we gain an understanding of how much energy we spend avoiding things rather than moving toward our goals, we are able to turn our lives around for the better. 

No doubt about it, achieving goals takes organization, discipline, and a lot of chutzpah, and this book is the fundamental aid to harnessing those valuable traits.