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I am frozen in indecision

I am a MBA in my early 40's. I have panic disorder but have made a good recovery. I am now working for a smaller business but I am very dissatisfied with the firm and its negative environment. I have two or three larger firms to move to but I have heard horror stories about the high stress levels at these firms. This is critital to me since I do have to watch my stress levels. On the positive side, my income, self esteem would take a jump. Everyone must take risks, but with a young family to support, if I fail, it could be bankruptcy for me.

Thank you,

Scared To Take The Leap

Docpotter's Reply:

You're putting yourself into an either/or box here. Either stay where you are and remain dissatisfied for life or go to the high risk place and risk bankrupcy! This is the kind of thinking that promotes anxiety and panic. First, off bankrupcy is a catistrophic extreme. What are the realistic downsides?

The underlying problem is that you are caught up in the worrywart cycle of catistrophic thinking and panic. You need to learn to talk to yourself the way of good friend would and to learn to worry smart.

But then you also could work on the way in which you think when making decisions. A Guide To Rational Living by Albert Ellis and Handbook To Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes would probably assist you a great deal. Most stores carry a few of their books. Once you understand the approach these men profess, then go out and find a counselor with a similar approach to work with you individually. It's something like writing a new program from your cranial computer.


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