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How can I show appreciation for employees?

We are a small non-profit organization (providing residential support services for adult men and women with developmental disabilities) that will be hosting a Staff Appreciation night next month.

For this evening we will be recognizing individuals who have been nominated by their co-workers for: Good Worker, Team Worker and a Spirit of "Our Founder" award.

This is the buzz around the organization: "We need to find a better way to recognize our employees, everyone works hard and is deserving of recognition."

As a note, other incentives that we provide regularly: Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year, a longevity award and an attendance incentive.

What are we missing? Suggestions? Help!

Looking For New Ideas

Docpotter's Reply

Celebration! This can be more than just a certificate - instead - each work group can bring forth a "gift" which they create together - ie a painting or sculture made from scraps - or . . . . or? what ever creative inspiration - which they present to person or group being recognized. This includes management and supervisors who give a gift. These are put on dispay as totems after presented. Each 'gift" is accompanied byan explanation of the gift's symbolic meaning.

That's one form of celebration. There is no more powerful acknowlegement than ATTENTION - personalized attention. Accompanied by money and perks is also nice - but it is the attention - especially when given in front of peers - that is a powerful motivator. Of course it must be perceived as sincerely and freely given.

Sounds exciting - have fun


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