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I work in an all female environment and lately things have taken a bad turn.  

A new lead secretary was added to our team and she has taken an immediate dislike to me.  She acts as if I'm not part of the team and the other girls are following her lead.  They are leaving me out of team plans. I'm the last one called for team meetings as if I'm an after thought. It's almost as if they have all formed an alliance against me. The lead will say good morning to everyone but me.  Petty remarks  are being made behind my back. Should I ignore it and hope it will die a timely death?  I've remained professional through all the sniping  but it is tiresome.  My husband says stay the course and the people that count know who I really am.  Any advise on how to deal with catty, nasty females would be appreciated. it is tiresome

Your husband is wrong.  This situation will only get worse
and you will be made to look - and to feel - incompetent.
Your motivation could be seriously damaged, along with your
credbility.  It's a set up for burnout.

The solution is to accept what is and respond accordingly -
Machavillian! Play the game and let the lead secretary think
that she has won.

Machaviallian principle - Do you want to win?  Or do you
want your adversary to KNOW you have won?  If you want to
win, play your adversary and let her THINK she has won.

Possible strategy:  Take lead secretary aside and talk with
her about your concerns about being a contributing team
member and being accepted and ask her for advice and her
help.  Keep a straight face.  She will imagine that she
really does have all the power and it will be irrestible -
then let her SEE YOU following her advice.  She will then
influence all the others in such a way that you will be
accepted.  Keep a straight face.  Let them all THINK that
they have won and let them all lord over you - as you get
what you really want.

Can you do it?

If so, never NEVER reveal your deception.

When in a disfunctional situation - manipulate!  Or leave.