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All I can do is cook and I'm sick of it!

I have a problem, I've been in the restaurant business for 15 years and I'm sick of it, but what else can I do, I do have some managment skills and I'm good at multi tasking, but how can I switch careers when most of what I know is cooking. I've taken all sorts of personality tests and IQ tests, but they don't really say which way to go. I'm baffeled. What have other people in my position done, I'm sure there are others in my situation. I've tried some online career counceling sights but they cost an arm and a leg, All I want is a career which will alllow me to be happy with my work and haave time to spend with my wife( this career has put a wedge between us that I don't and won't stand for anymore).

CAN YOU HELP!!!!!!!.

Docpotter's Reply:

So why do you expect other people - strangers - to know more about you, your capabilities, what you love and what will bring happiness into your life? Crazy, huh! You have the answers within. It's too bad you didn't find a counselor who could help you get to them - instead of giving you a test.

So you've got to do this on your own! Now suppose you came to YOU with these questions. What advice would you give? I know this sounds, perhapps, silly. But do this. Sit in one chair and ask yourself your questions about what you should do to create a fulfilling career. Then move to a second facing chair, and give yourself advice. You might even tape record this. Otherwise, write it down. If your wife will help, then have her roleplay you. Just "pretend" and make up your advice. Then wait a few days and read or listen to your advice with fresh ears.

Here's an exercise. Make a list of every way a person can use cooking to make money and create adventures:

Stretch to make the list as long as possible. Keep it in a journal and add to it.

Then make a list of all of your other abilities:

Now make a list of all the ways you would work together with your wife

Then write each list, one at a time on file cards. Use different colored cards for the different lists. Now game time! Pick a card from each list. Then you and you wfie brainstorm - even crazy - wild ideas - ways to have all three items in one "career". Write these things down. Play with this. Streeeeetccccch your thinking.

Cooking is your trip ticket. What trip can you buy with being a good cook?

You might enjoy my book, The Way of the Ronin: Riding the Waves of Change, which is a new approach to careers - one where you use your work to create adventures.

So think of this as a grand adventure that you are embarking upon, not a desperate search for a way to bail out!

You might also enjoy reading,I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, by Barbara Sher and To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love, by Marsha Sinetar.


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