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I worry constantly about the future?

I'm always nervous.I'm always scared about future. I don't have interest in life. Nervousness is accompanied by tremor. I've been using xanax for the past two years, which helped me a little bet. I want to stop medication and live a normal life. Please advise. Thanks.

Seeking Relief

Docpotter's Reply:

You need to work on your "self-talk" - your internal dialogue that you carry on with yourself. Without realizing it you are scaring yourself nearly to death by what you say to yourself. You could benefit by working with a cognitive psychologist who can help you reprogram your internal dialogue which acts just like a computer program that runs YOU. You CAN rewrite the program - but it will be work!

However, if you keep on as you are - you will get worse and worse and life will be miserable.

You will also get some benefit from my book The Worrywart's Companion: 21 Ways to Soothe Yourself and Worry Smart - available from In the meantime take the test Are You A Worrywart?

Good luck


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