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Help! I want to quit my job but I'm not sure how to gracefully quit. All the websites tell you what to say in an interview but not how to resign.

First of all - make sure you have a plan for after quiting - it is easier to find a new job when you already have a job.  SO make sure that you have that firmly lined up.

Then with new job in hand it is easier to write the letter.  You are not necessarily telling the truth.  And remember, you never know when you'll need a recommendation from your old employer or when someone will call them - because it is listed on your resume.  Sometimes you may even want to return to that employer in the future - you just never know.

Always leave well!

The letter should be positive, say positive things about your experience working there, and - if you have a job in hand - you can say that you received an offer you can't refuse-type of thing.

Make sure to provide adequate notice time and say that you will finish all your work or specifiy which project you will complete and say that you will assist in training your replacement and you will leave written memo for new person - telling them where things are found, who what and where . . . . etc. And add a way to contact you, in case the new person has questions.

You want to be very positive and helpful. Your last actions will be remembered longest.  So make sure that you leave well!

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