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My Mom makes me late and it gets me into trouble!

I am always late to school. I got in to this tech program under construction. It is really important to be on time here. My mom does not understand that. I was late today and my class went on a feild trip without me. I have tried to tell her but she will not listen. Now they are threatining to kick me out of this program . I really do not want this to happen. I really want to be a contruction worker when I am older. What do you think I should do?

Docpotter's Reply

My mother did the same sort of thing to me. Talking to her made no difference. Now I realize that it was part of a lifelong pattern of her actually sabbotaging me and trying to make me fail!!!!!  Why? Well, that's the stuff of textbooks and novels.

If your Mom has not responded to your concern and she still gets you there late, then it's a waste of time to talk with her. You won't be able to change her.

You have two choices - depend on your Mom and fail


Stop depending on your Mom.

Set up some other way to get places and to get to your class ON TIME. Have someone pick you up. Take a cab (you'll have to save up the $$$). Go to your school counselor and ask them to help you make a plan

I'm not saying your Mom is like mine - maybe yes, maybe no

She taught me to be late and I was ALWAYS late - like 2-3+ hours. It was awful. I was always racing, always making up excuses.

I got over it.  I am RARELY late -ever now!!!!!! I got over it because like your calss that left without you - people left without me - and I RELEARNED - and now I'm on time.

Good luck - and stick to your goals - don't let someone else's "trip" defeat you . . . . . .


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