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I got a positive drug test - help!

I received a false positive for marijuana on a recent urinalysis.  In addition to taking Mydol, I recently was taking a prescription drug Naproxen for arthritis.  I found on the internet that Naproxen can cause a false positive, but when I called my doctor I was told that there is nothing that can cause a false positive.  I was fired from a job I only had for 3 days as a result of this positive, and they will not re test unless I can give them a reason for a false positive.  Can you confirm that Naproxen can cause a false positive?

I'm no druggie!

Docpotter's Reply

I'm sorry this has happened to you. Unfortunately, we are not doctors and don't know that substance. But, of course, your doctor is WRONG - lots of things can cause false positives. A false positive is a positive drug test result when you have not used any drug.

This is surprising common.  Everyone facing drug testing should educate themselves.  You need to know what foods and over-the-counter medicines can cause false positives, what happens if you do get one and what your recourse is.

If you get a false positive you are suppose to be interviewed by a Medical Review Officer MRO - to discuss the possibility that it is a false positive - didn't that happen?

Don't expect a regular old personal physical to know anything - you should have had a review by the MRO involved in the testing program.

Are you saying that you did not use marijuana at all - and that you believe that these two medications caused the false positive?  This is very unfair -

I suggest that you request an interview with the MRO - that person should know about "cross-reactants".  Alternatively,  consult your union stewart if you are in a union, the personnel director, or possibly your attorney.

Next time you need to prepare yourself. People who are innocent and falsely think they have nothing toworry about.  Wrong!  You can get really screwed.

Good luck

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