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I am a 23 year old mother of two and I have the chance to start college. 

I think that this is great, except for the fact that I don't know what to go for. My husband wants me to get a job that will bring in about $70,000 a year.  Any suggestions?

College is a looooong haul - the older you are, the hard it
is to get through - easy when you're a mindless kid.  With
two babies - and college you'll need a lot of support and it
doesn't sound like your husband is too supportive.

Focusing solely on what you imagine you'll make with
the degree is a mistake.  First, jobs may dry up before you
get it.  Second, you might not like the work and then you'll
be stuck.

However, the "trades" generally pay more money and don't
require college degrees - like electrician - which is pretty
clean work and electricity will be around for a while - hard
to get into a woman - but very lucerative.  Also plumber -
get paid lots - BUT you tolerate slepping around in shit and
slittering under building with spiders on your neck - yuck!

Also, truck driver can make quite a lot, too.  Again, a
little hard to break into as a woman . . but there are laws
that they can't keep you out.

Another, money maker is insurance agent - tho I suspect
they'd want a few years of college - but you call big
company - like State Farm or Firemens - etc and tell them
that you want to get trained.  Good agents can make upwards
of $300K - and it isn't as bad as some people think - you
are helping to set people on a straight course - financially
for life . . . .

BUT the most important thing is to think through your values
and what you like - these must be the basis...... you might
do well to work with a career counselor - contact your local
community college or adult night school - they are usually free.

Be careful not to get hooked into a long education plan - I doubt
that you'll get through it with a husband under pressure and
two little kids.  Think of the trades!

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