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Doc, I'm 40 and used to be a real "go getter."  

I've now seeminlgy hit a wall where I don't want to do much of anything.  I'm
slightly depressed and cannot focus on much of anything, including
activities I used to enjoy.  I'm overly concerned about what I want to do
with the rest of my career and cannot think of any job that interests me.
Is this burnout?  

What can/should I do to improve things?

Burnout is a motivational problem - you can't get moving
like you used to be able to.  You can think of it as job
depression.  Your description is classic.  You say you are
"slightly" depressed - but it sounds more than "slight."
You are DEmotivated!

Use the scientific method to determine the causes.  Collect
data, then analyze it.  Each time you get "that feeling",
stop and rate the intensity of the feelings - using a scale
form 1 to 5 can help and then identify what just happened to
trigger the feeling.  Write this down-  this is your data.
After dong this for a while - several days is good, then
analyze your data, look for patterns.  This will tell you much.

Don't think in terms of "jobs that interest you" - without
realizing it you are thinking in terms of slots to fit
yourself into.  Instead, identify what activities you enjoy
and what you value.  Then work on figuring out ways to
integrate these into your work

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