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What can I do with my special ed degree?

I have taught special education for five years (severe and profound children). I love the students and I love to teach them, its just that I feel like I could be doing "something else". I guess I'm bored and don't have an idea where to go. Correction, I would like to finish my masters program and become a psychologis
(I think). Unfortunately, I have to work and can't afford the program. I know I need a change to where I can use other skills that I'm losing at an alarming rate, like spelling (ha ha). I like to talk to people, to work around alot of people, and do exciting and challenging things. My question is "What else could I possibly do with my Education degree?" What advice do you have for me?

I'm confused

Docpotter's Reply:

Don't expect others to know what you can do and what you would love. And education degree allows you to get on to the game board. You make it what you want by the moves that you make.

You say that you "feel like you should be doing something else". Start here. You need to get to the root of this feeling. Are you running a trip on yourself or is this an intuitive message? Use the scientific method to answer this. Each time you get that "feeling", stop and notice what just occurred to trigger it. Write this down. This is your data. Also rate the feeling and record that. After a week or two of doing this, read your data, looking for patterns. Write your impressions and thoughts down.

Next, in your journal, make a list of all the things you love doing:

Things I love doing Talking to people Working around people doing exciting & challenging things (specify & list) I love the students I love teaching my students etc

Next make a list of all the ways you can make money with your ability to teach special kids

Teach special children Privately tutor special children Start school for special children Write books about special children Counseling families with special children Teach in camp for special children Teach teachers how to teach special children Create training films on how to teach special children

Make a list of all the other ways that you can use teaching to make money

Write your items on file cards, with different colors for different lists. Pull one card from each, and then quiet your mind and let it drift. Notice the images, symbols and sensations that come to mind. Write these in your journal. This is accessing your intuition - your inner wisdom. Play with this.

Finally, work on your nay-saying self. This is your enemy, naying everything. You can't pursue a degree - Nay! Nay! You "should" be doning something else. What you are doing is nay, nay!

Lots of people get degrees while working. Think of ways you can do what you want, vis-a-vis teaching, AND get a dregree both. Maybe an employer will pay the bill. Maybe you can use work as credits. Check out "extended degree" programs. And maybe - JUST MAYBE - you don't need a degree. Instead, get started on what YOU want to do!

You would probably enjoy my book, The Way of the Ronin: Riding the Wave of Change, which describes maverick career strategies.


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