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I am a young boy who worries to much. 

It has really become a problem for me and it occurs almost every day. What happends is this: When I meet people,  one or more, I sometimes get cramps in my face and become worried. The  strange thing is that my worry is these cramps, they make me look very  nevous and I feel stupid. When I get these cramps (actually it`s more like parts of my face starts to shake) it`s like I`m going in to panic. My mind stops thinking and all that I want to do is to get out of the situation. I can not control the situation.

The strange thing is that my worry is that I`m worried about these cramps. I`m worried about getting these cramps when I talk to people. Why these very strange thing has begun (it has developed the last year) I do not know. But it is a very big problem for me.

If you could guide me into how to get rid of this problem it would be fantastic!

Only YOU can rid yourself of this worry problem.  You are right that the worry about worry causes the cramps - it is the thoughts in your mind - worry is thoughts n your mid - and you must do two things.

1. Change the thoughts that you think.
The thoughts - worrying that you will get cramps - that causes anxiety and the cramps is a result of the anxiety.  When you are with someone you feel very comfortable with you do not think these thoughts and you do not get the cramps.  You control these thoughts but you don't realize it - since they feel like they do what they want.
2.  You must deliberately relax yourself when meeting people - just the opposite of what you do now.  You can teach yourself to relax - by tensing and then relaxing groups of muscles and studying the way that it feels - There are books that describe how to do this - called systematic relaxation or progressive muscle relaxation.  This takes practice - It is sort of like the way that you teach yourself to wiggle your ears.

Do these two things together.  When around other people - THINK or SAY silently to yourself: "No reason to worry.  I can be relaxed."  And then DELIBERATELY RELAX yourself.  This takes practice.  But you can do it.

You thoughts or the things that you say to yourself in your head trigger emotions.  Do an experiment.  Notice how you feel right now.  Next, think of something that makes you very sad. Then notice how you feel.  Do you feel more sad?  Now think of something that make you very angry.  How do you feel when thinking that?  Angry?  Now think of something that you really love to do.  How do you feel when you think that?  

If you start now, you can train yourself to control your mind - and then YOU WILL BE IN CHARGE!!!!

By the way, when I was young I was very very shy and afraid to talk to anyone.  I got over it.  I learned to talk to large groups of people with out feeling anxious at all.

Good luck

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