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Overcoming Job Burnout
Self-Paced Instruction

by Dr. Beverly Potter

Audio interview with Docpotter

Job Burnout Syndrome

Symptoms of Job Burnout

Causes of Job Burnout

Job Burnout Situations

Loss of Control

Stategy to Overcome Job Burnout

Make a Change Plan

Write a Self-Agreement

Rewarding Yourself

Using Work as a Reward

Setting Goals

Setting Better Goals

Making Goals More Powerful

How to Define Objectives

Mapping Steps to Your Goal

Cultivate Allies

How to Cultivate Allies

Be a Teamplayer

What is Stress?

Causes of Stress

Identify Your Stressors

Unaware of Stress

Relax Your Muscles

Breathe Deeply to Relax

How to Relax

De-stress Your Environment

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Identify Your Ideal Work

How to Develop Detached Concern

Good Work Empowers

Find a Path with a Heart

Is Your Staff Burning Out?

Structure Vaguely Defined Jobs

Tailor the Job to Fit You

Teach Yourself New Skills

Use Your Imagination

Think Powerfully

Alter the Job

Dangers of Avoidance Motivation

What is the Burnout Potential
of Your Job?

Are You Burning Out?

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