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by Beverly A. Potter, PhD

"Dogs are cherished family members."

Cannabis for Canines by Beverly A. Potter, PhD., is not solely about the use of cannabis in treating dogs. It is actually full of information on canines health issues in general.  For example, the author about dogs' reactions to chocolate, heartworm infections, and various types of digestive ailments. There is also a great deal of information related to mainstream medications and treatments. Among other things, Potter discusses how to give pills to dogs, how to monitor food intake, and how to treat senior dog issues.

The book is well-documented and well-organized. I also found it very informative and balanced, not a harsh lecture about the benefits of cannabis. The author talks about different types of cannabis chemicals and their purported effects in treating health issues. And although she talks about the dosage of cannabis, she is honest that dosing is primarily guesswork.  Because of legal issues, there have been few been any scientific studies on the effects of cannabis in canines. Accordingly, it is difficult to learn the dosage and the health benefits. Sher also suggests being mindful of the legal status of cannabis where the reader lives.

Cannabis for Canines is a good read. Some parts are technical but well-explained for those with no science or medical background. Potter encourages readers to have conversations with their vets not only about cannabis, but also about other medical issues that dogs may experience. Additionally, she includes attractive pictures of dogs as well as charts and illustrations concerning dog health.

I enjoyed reading the information of canine health. It is apparent that Dr. Potter is a dog lover as well as a canine health adviser. Although the author's main point concerns the possibilities of cannabis usage for dogs, she is very straightforward in saying she is not pushing owners to give ti a try. And again, in the introduction of the book, she includes a notice recommending dog owners discuss all of their dog's issues with veterinarians.

I don't like the poor editing with punctuation problems. I found that the author's use of "weed" makes her position less formal.

I rate Cannabis for Canines 3 out of 4 stars. It is well-written and full of valuable information. Because the editing is lacking I could not rate it as 4 stars. THe book is much better than 2 stars because I do recommend this book to all dog lovers wheter they are interested in adding cannabis to their dog's supplements or not. People who aren't dog owners would have no interest in this book.

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