Would I buy this book for my Aunt Faye? She is a tough old woman, who spent most of her life as a no-nonsense farmer’s wife. Now that she has reached an advanced age, she is living alone and health problems have started to dominate her life, as they do for so many of us. The revolving door of doctors and prescriptions is so very hard to exit. 

With Cannabis for Seniors,
that is the precise path that the author lays out for the reader. She guides us through the maze of information and misinformation that surrounds the medical and recreational uses of cannabis in its many forms. This is not a light and breezy read, but stick with it and you will walk away with a very solid foundation of how cannabis can help you and your loved ones. Beverly A. Potter, PhD, (a.k.a. Docpotter), is a counseling psychologist and a corporate trainer, who has authored numerous books on health and motivation as well as ones on several cannabis-related topics.

Written in large, easy-to-read type, this book is intended for those that want to do some research on the subject but don’t really know where to start. It runs somewhat deeper than your standard how-to book, with a concise look at the chemical makeup of cannabis and the way it can help the ailments that typically plague older adults. Anxiety, depression, acute pain, sleep problems and chemo relief are all covered in detail with suggested cannabis solutions. The author goes to great lengths to stress the need for a personalized approach to cannabis consumption and to caution the reader that, “Using cannabis takes learning, unlike when using pharmaceuticals.”

Along the way, the author explains the different forms of consumable cannabis that are available and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Edibles get the special attention that they deserve throughout and she even gives readers some basic recipes to kick-start a cannabis regimen. She is very careful to repeat the dosage cautions that should always accompany any recommendation of edibles to a new user.

On the emotional front, she explains the very real socialization problems of isolated aging adults, with possible solutions and encouragement to also enjoy the fun part of cannabis. “Laughter really is the best medicine.”

So yes, I will buy this for my Aunt Faye. She will appreciate the detailed analysis of the subject and I bet you she will get a kick out of getting high. And as for ailment relief, well, I’ll just have to help her find the right strains.

Author: Beverly A. Potter, PhD
Book Review By: Ian Bastage, Product Reviewer
Publisher: Ronin Publishing, Berkley CA
Purchase: Cannabis for Seniors

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