Quick and Painless...
"highly informative and hopeful for our children's future"

By  E. Sheehan
"Great Owl Books" (Cape Cod) 

Amazon Book Review
September 23, 2009

I read through this book in a few hours while at work today and was blown away by the information presented. I have been taking chlorella for years on and off but now I am totally convinced that it is one of the most simple forms of perfect food. I need to stop eating meat because my body has toxic symptoms afterward and now after reading this and doing some more research I see that there are more nutrients minerals and vitamins in chlorella than all the dead carcass I have been using as filler.

    Yes, I have taken a few years off and done the vegi route but this really helps me feel solid in my transition to a vegitarian diet for good. I want to start cultivating my own some day and take this into my landscaping work and development. Yes the info is a bit dated but I love old books anyway and I rather go the old school route when learning from the ground up and then load a few google searches on top. All in all it's really not that far from recent studies done and from other books I have found and looked through anyway.

    Simple, to the point and a quick read... 5 STARS HERE.... Be Well