Is My Doctor a Healer?

Read the descriptions of doctor activity below. Remembering your last few visits, rate your doctor on a scale of 1 to 5 for each activity, with 1 being “does not do this at all” and 5 being “does this very well.”

___ 1.My doctor listens to me.

___ 2. My doctor has an open heart.

___ 3. My doctor looks at me in a comforting way.

___ 4. My doctor sits when talking to me.

___ 5. My doctor is there for me.

___ 6. My doctor has a healing touch.

___ 7. My doctor is a partner in keeping me healthy.

___ 8. My doctor avoids judging me.

___ 9. My doctor explains and teaches.

___ 10. My doctor is optimistic about my health.

___ 11. My doctor trusts my intuition.

___ 12. My doctor respects others who help me.

___ 13. My doctor helps me feel that I belong.

___ 14. My doctor has a relaxing manner.

___ 15. My doctor offers me hope.


15 is the lowest score and 75 is the highest.

15-30: Your doctor may be a good clinician but is low in the warmth and support needed to help you harness the placebo. You would be wise to find a new doctor.

31-45 Your doctors shows some signs of warmth, but this is not his or her main quality. Consider looking for a new doctor, unless this one’s clinical knowledge and experience is crucial for your condition.

46-60 Your doctor shows considerable warmth and attentiveness to your needs. If he or she also has strong clinical experience, this can be a good match for you, combining scientific knowledge with ability to engage the placebo response.

61-75: Your doctor has strong healer qualities and likely to combine empathy with strong science knowledge, which is the best combination.

The score is a guide and not an absolute. Use the score to think about qualities of your doctor and to compare doctors you are considering. The empathy score should always be combined with clinical training and experience.
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