Proud daughter of USAF Mosquito
circa Korean War (and Mash)

As a Mosquito in Koren, my father flew low over the jungle in a T-6, which had no guns. Object was to find the enemy who had moved in the night and were hiding, covered with bushes. When spotted, the mosquito radioed to the fighters and when they arrived - shot rockets at the enemy.  See the rockets under the wing.

He had to fly 100 missions or stay a year - "Mash-like" situation. He flew 6 missions. He carried a hand-held machine gun in the cock-pit since the plane had no guns. In one mission, he carried on a "dog fight" with the enemy, shooting with the machine gun, hanging out of the plane, holding in his strangulated hernia and flying with his knee. Now that's a "real" man. Real men don't live long,. He didn't - tho he DID make it back form Korea.

Official Mosquito Association

Proud daughter of
USAF F-84 Jet Pilot.

Survivor of two crash landings in
family Howard. One in Montreal
and One in Caribou Me.

Here's our family car:

1949 Buick Roadmaster
Convertible with red leather seats.