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Simple Pleasures
Tune into NOW!
Sir John Lubbock

Derived from
The Pleasures of Life
by Beverly A. Potter

The richness of life is wonderful and luxury-filled.  Even a mid-winter day has exquisite beauty. Yet, how little of our amazing world we actually see!

We walk through the world like ghosts, as if we were in it, but not of it. To overlook is easier than to look.  In SIMPLE PLEASURES readers look through Sir John Lubbock's eyes to see beauty and wonder in everyday life.

We have a duty to be happy, not for ourselves, both for those around us. Keeping yourself happy is an art. Tuning into the simple pleasures in this moment is key. Lubbock’s timeless wisdom brings attention to the small but wondrous in this awesome world we inhabit.

In fulfilling duty comes happiness. Your duty is to make yourself useful and in so doing life becomes interesting and fulfilling. Life is not to live merely, but to live well. Life must be measured by depth rather than by length.  Time is a sacred gift—each day is a little life.

Derived from Lubbock's timeless classic, The Pleasures of Life by Beverly Potter, this inspirational little book is a loving gift for friends and family.