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"Survival kit for the mind
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óMichael Shermer
Why People Believe Weird Things
How We Believe
Publisher, Skeptic Magazine
Think for Yourself!
Questioning Pressure to Conform

Dr. Sharon Presley
Dr. Beverly Potter

withPreface by Robert Anton Wilson

Weall need this book because we all live in a world whose multitude of very powerful forces have worked upon us, from birth through school to work, attempting to suppress our individuality, our creativity and, above all, our curiosity - in short, to destroy everything that encourages us to think for ourselves.

óRobert Anton Wilson
Most of us believe that we think for ourselves, that we are independent thinkers.  But out of desire for approval, fear of rejection, or just plain complacency, we often let other people determie our opinions and how to act - and vote - by default without our even being aware of it happening.

By uncritically accepting the views of our friends, family, employers - of our culture - we find ourselves going along with the crowd.  We conform - sometimes to our detriment.  It is easy to see how pressure to conform is a hidden villain in the drama of discrimination, hates crimes and other dynamics that diminish the quality of our lives.

Think for Yourself! provides the intellectural tools to question pressure to conform.  Using critical thinking tools will enable you to become better at making up your own mind.

" ... wise and down-to-earth guide ... scores of useful suggestions on how to make better, more mindful, more independent decisions ...."

óCarole Wade & Carole Tavris
Critical and Creative Thinking


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