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How to Give Effective Directives
Directing others is one of the manager's most difficult and complex responsibilities. This is where management occurs.

But most managers experience considerable conflict when it comes to telling people what to do. Some, who try too hard to be nice, discover that they have lost respect and credibility. Others become hard-nosed, only to find they are seen as drill sergeants and have aliented their staff.

Getting Participation
How to get participation while providing direction is a paradox. Participation can't be demanded; it must be elicited. Yet, people need clear direction to participate effectively. Managing authority is fraught with paradoxical dilemmas. How you resolve them is the real trick of leadership.

This workshop covers the impact of the words a leader uses upon other's perceptions of their authority, especially when giving directives. A concrete method for eliciting participation and a four-step procedure that solves the "nice guy" versus "drill sergeant" dilemma are practiced.

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