Workshop or Lecture

by Dr. Beverly Potter

A Goal is a Target
If you were learning archery but had no target, your progress would probably be slow because you have nothing to aim at. Practice would be frustrating and not fun because you wouldn't get feedback on your efforts. Having a goal is essential for high performance. It gives you a target to shoot at and immediate feedback on the accuracy of each shot.

A Goal is a Magnet
A powerful goal is like a magnet that draws you toward it. High performers know how to set magnetic goals which have four ingredients: It is positive; it is specific on the "doing-level"; it has a deadline, and most important, it creates a compelling image.

Accomplishing Goals with Small Steps
It can be hard to get started on your goal. The problem is inertia which must be broken to get into motion. High performers know that the secret to getting started and keeping momentum is to take small steps.

Set Yourself Up to Win
High performers don't rely on "will power", they use setting objectives and acknowledging progress to set themselves up to win. High performaners know how to use small steps to stretch themselves slowly toward accomplishing the goal. And they make getting there fun!

This session covers the nitty-gritty of setting goals that draws you towards them like a magnet does. The secret lies not in will power, but in well-proven techniques that can help you become a high performer.

"Just what we needed in this high pressure environment
with its demanding standards. Thanks!"

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