Workshop or Lecture

by Dr. Beverly Potter

Takes Skill
Interviewing is both an art and a science. When job interviewing you must draw candidates out, but not put words in their mouths or jump to conclusions. You must be objective and detached but not cold and intimidating.

Identify Requirements
The process begins long before candidates are seen. An inventory of the job and the environments must be made to determine what attributes, skills and experience are needed. Then the challenge: Matching candidates to the job requirements in order to hire a winner.

Networking & Socializing
Effective interviewing skills are needed whenever you must get information from others. Good interviewing techniques are essential to networking so you can find out what you need to know from co-workers, customers and bosses. Effective information gathering skills can promote your social life because people enjoy someone who puts them at ease, draws them out and listens.

This workshop covers the dos and don'ts of each step of information gathering. Effective techniques are practiced in small groups. The session is fast paced. The practice is fun and unintimidating.

" interesting, entertaining
and enlightening program."
-Community Career Education Center

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