Workshop or Lecture

by Dr. Beverly Potter

Find a Path with a Heart
In the past leading was a function reserved for those at the top of the organization. They were expected to set the direction, while those below followed.

But today, with the increasing demand to innovate, you are probably doing work and solving problems that no one in your job has done before. In doing so, you become an authority at your job and positioned to take the lead.

Create Meaning
Self-leaders don't wait for others to provide direction. They find paths and lead themsleves. Pathfinders begin with themselves because it is from personal meaning and values that they find their directionÑa path with a heart. By looking inward self-leaders can attune projects with their values.

Pathfinders see what is possible, then create a compelling vision that aligns personal goals with organizational mssion. But a vision by itself is only a dream. Pathfinders translate their visions into an articulated mission. Having a mission empowers, so these self-leaders feel confident to act in the face of uncertainity.

Survey & Map
Possible routes to realizing the vision are surveyed. Those attuned to personal values and aligned with the organizaitonal mission are identified as suitable projects. Then a step-by-step action plan for implementation is developed by mapping out the best route.

Share the Vision
Few projects can be accomplished by a single individual because cooperation of others is needed. Pathfinders share their visions with colleagues to inspire enthusiasm and motivation.

Change Viewpoints
Pathfinders change approach as necessary to maximize effectiveness. Sometimes an analytical mode is needed to evaluate alternatives and progress. At other times, a supportive approach is most effective. This ability to change hats is vital to leading oneself and others.

Manage Motivation
Pathfinders develop an internal eye with which they pilot themselves. They manage their own motivation for leadership excellence.

For companies want to survive and thrive, it is essential that they actively encourage people to take the lead. You can become a pathfinder by learning to use the tools for self-leadership.

This workshop covers the changes required to go from following to self-leading and introduces unique pathfinding tools. Inspiring.

"The response was excellent
and we all felt inspired by your call to action
....a job well done."
-Technical Women's Conference

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