Workshop or Lecture

by Dr. Beverly Potter

Maintain Optimal Stress
Stress is a fact of life. It can spur you to peak performance or sabotage your productivity, health and enjoyment. Stress management is both a strategy and a skill. The goal is to keep stress within the optimal range by identifying stress triggers and developing plans for handling them.

Increase Stress Tolerance
Your state of mind influences how much stress you can tolerate. Feelings of control, a strong soical support system, being in the flow-state and having fun buffer you from stress.

Learn to Relax
A state of deep relaxation allows your body to recover from stressors to regain balance. Deep breathing, listening to soothing music, taking a warm bath, imagining a pleasant scene are easy ways to relax.

Change Your Workspace
Environmental factors in the workplace such as noise, design and activity create stress. Stress can be managed by changing your workspace to better suit you.

This workshop covers what stress is and how it influences performance and health. Several methods of managing stress are practices, including physical relaxation, visualization, and self-talk.

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