Twenty-One Ways to Soothe Yourself and Worry Smart

by  Dr. Beverly Potter

Everyone worries.  It's a survival skill, essential to foreseeing and resolving problems. Telling yourself not to worry is useless: for the confirmed worrywart, it's tantamount to trying not to breathe. Potter offers instead some solid techniques that will soothe worriers, helping them to redirect their energy, think more clearly, deal with the problem at hand and then let it go. After identifying the characteristics of the problem worrier, the author devotes a number of chapters to explaining the concept of "worrying smarter," elaborating on the positive ways to deal with worry.  Finally, Potter arms readers with 21 concrete activities that will help alleviate the negative aspects of worry while enabling you to deal with the problem in a positive way. This is the book we fingernail nibblers have been looking for.  —PM

Reviewed in NAPRA ReVIew Vol. 9, No. 5