Worrier, soothe thyself

"What is it you seek?" the Shaman asked.

"Would you explain the concept of 'heaven' and 'hell'?" the Seeker inquired.

"You are a foolish child. I have no time for such silly questions. Come back when you have a question of substance to ask!" the Shaman retorted in contempt, as she waved the Seeker away.

Distraught, the Seeker began pacing back and forth. "What did I say wrong?" the Seeker worried aloud. "I've offended the Shaman Woman. How could I have acted so poorly? What can I do? What will people in my village think? I'll never be able to fave them again."

'That," said the Shaman Woman, "is hell."

So begins The Worrywart's Companion: Twenty-One Ways to Soothe Yourself and Worry Smart by Beverly Potter, a California psychologist.  It's for people who stay up at night anticipating problems, who pop Rolaids, who nibble their nails and worry even in the shower. There's nothing new here, but perhaps some worrywarts could benefit by the common-sense suggestions. Talk to yourself the way a friend would, take a walk, learn relaxation breathing, evaluate the cost of worry.
—Peg Meier