Midwest Book Review of

From Conflict to Cooperation

From Conflict To Cooperation: How To Mediate A Dispute presents effective techniques for resolving disputes. These are powerful tools for all managers, supervisors, coaches, parents, teachers, neighborhood leaders, police officers, and anyone caught in the middle of other people's disputes.

Beverly Potter shows how effective mediators can pull people together to produce creative solutions. Uniquely oriented to the mediator rather than the disputant, From Conflict To Cooperation is a guide containing the keys to building cohesiveness and avoiding the plummeting morale, burnout, and reduced productivity that result from animosities that are not handled effectively.

This is a sensible manual showing how to intervene to control hostility while uncovering each party's perspective on the issues involved. It then demonstrates how to mediate an agreement on what should be done, who should do it, and when.

With hands-on methods and realistic scenarios adapted from police training designed to handle domestic disputes, and techniques developed at a number of university and corporate environments, From Conflict To Cooperation shows how conflict can be an opportunity, control disputants and avoid outbursts, set a problem solving tone, uncover the nature and scope of the dispute, interview angry people and keep them on track, get disputants to solve their own problems, what to do if mediation fails, and what to do if you yourself are a disputant. -- Midwest Book Review