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"Remarkably insightful and exciting . . . offers wise, powerful, useful advice on many levels."

-Miami Herald

Conflict Healing
With Mari Frank, Attny
Professional mediator

From Conflict To Cooperation
How to Mediate a Dispute

Dr. Beverly Potter
Illustrations by Phil Frank

From Conflict to Cooperation presents effective techniques for resolving disputes - powerful tools for all managers, supervisors, coaches, parents, teachers, neighborhood leaders, politicians, and police officers. Best-selling author Beverly Potter demonstrates how effective mediators can pull people together to produce creative solutions.

This sensible manual shows how to intervene to control hostility while uncovering each party's perspective on the issues involved. It then demonstrates how to mediate an agreement on what should be done, who should do it, and when. The book's hands-on methods and realistic scenarios were adapted from police training designed to handle domestic disputes, and developed in workshops at Stanford University, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Genetech, and other corporate environments.

Uniquely oriented to the mediator rather than the disputant, this guide contains the keys to building cohesiveness and avoiding the plummeting morale, burnout, and reduced productivity that results from animosities that are not handled effectively.

How to Mediate a Dispute:
Principles of mediation with detailed examples.

Negotiation techniques


Conflict is not necessarily bad and doesn't necessarily indicate a failed interaction. In fact, conflict can be a catalyst for creating more satisfying interactions. It can serve as a benefit by pushing people to bring about needed change.

People who work together to implement a workable solution to a conflict tend to develop a sense of "we-ness." In ways not fully understood, resolving conflict together generates a bond or sense of connection. Such cohesiveness promotes teamwork.

Conflict is An Opportunity


How to Facilitate Meetings

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Tips & Traps in Workplace Mediation

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