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Burnout Potential Inventory

by Dr. Beverly Potter
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How often do these situations bother you at work? Use the scale below to rate how often you are bothered by each situation described in the quiz. Then add up your points when you're done.
(Rarely) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 (Constantly)

__ 1. I can't solve the problems assigned to me.
__ 2. I am trapped in my job with no options.
__ 3. I am unable to influence decisions that affect me.
__ 4. I may be laid off and these is nothing I can do.

No Information
__ 5. I am unclear about the responsibilities of my job.
__ 6. I don't have information I need to perform well.
__ 7. People I work with don't understand my role.
__ 8. I don't understand the purpose of my work.

__ 9. I am caught in the middle.
__ 10. I must satisfy conflicting demands.
__ 11. I disagree with people at work.
__ 12. I must violate procedures to get my job done.

Poor Team Work
__ 13. Co-workers undermine me.
__ 14. Management displays favoritism.
__ 15. Office politics interfere with my doing my job.
__ 16. People compete instead of cooperate.

__ 17. My job interferes with my personal life.
__ 18. I have too much to do into little time.
__ 19. I must work on my own time.
__ 20. My workload is overwhelming.

__ 21. I have too little to do.
__ 22. I am overqualified for the work I actually do.
__ 23. My work is not challenging.
__ 24. The majority of my time is spent on routine tasks.

Poor Feedback
__ 25. I don't know what Iim doing right or wrong.
__ 26. My supervisor doesnit give feedback on my work.
__ 27. I get information too late to act on it.
__ 28. I donit see the results of my work.

__ 29. My supervisor is critical.
__ 30. Someone else gets credit for my work.
__ 31. My work is unappreciated.
__ 32. I get blamed for others' mistakes.

__ 33. I am isolated form others.
__ 34. I am just a cog in the organizational wheel.
__ 35. I have little in common with people I work with.
__ 36. I avoid telling people where I work or what I do.

__ 37. The rules are constantly changing.
__ 38. I donit know what is expected of me.
__ 39. There is no relationship between performance and success.
__ 40. Priorities I must meet are unclear.

__ 41. My work is not satisfying.
__ 42. I have few real successes.
__ 43. My career progress is not what I'd hoped.
__ 44. I don't get respect.

Values Conflict
__ 45. I must compromise my values.
__ 46. People disapprove of what I do.
__ 47. I don't believe in the company.
__ 48. My heart is not in my work.

Scoring: Your risk of Burnout

48 - 168 Low. Take preventive action.
169 - 312 Moderate. Develop a plan to correct problem areas.
313 - 432 High. Corrective action is vital.

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