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Overcoming Job Burnout

This inspirational and provocative session covers the causes of burnout, its symptoms, looks at the burnout potential of one's job, explores the nine paths to personal power, and brainstorms ways the company can increase good work.

Renewing Enthusiasm

    Every job has demotivating aspects. The challenge is in how on-the-job frustrations are handled. If you succumb to feelings of powerlessness, job burnout is a risk. A Can-Do attitude and feelings of personal power buffer you from burnout and boost enthusiasm for working.

    There are nine paths to personal power: Self-management, stress control, building social support, developing skills, job tailoring, changing jobs, thinking powerfully, detached concern, and pathfinding. How each path is empowering is explainedj through discussion and practice exercise

The organization has considerable impact upon the ambiance of the work environment. Many are stifling and generate feelings of powerlessness among its staff. Research has demonstrated that lack of control is extremely stressful and contributes to absenteeism, low moral, poor performance and substance abuse. However, there is much companies can do to prevent burnout problems among its staff. Most important is for the company to provide "good work."

    "Good Work"- Good work has the four essential ingredients for sustained high motivation: Clear goals, feedback on progress, participation in the setting of goals, and acknowledgement for on-task performance. While easy to describe, these factors are surprisingly difficult to implement.

            "The program was extremely well received and certainly a highlight of our meeting."

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