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How to Mediate a Dispute
Effectiveness in most jobs depends upon output and cooperation of others. Such interdependence can produce conflict which can be very difficult to resolve in a productive way.

Resolving conflicts in a way that pulls people together instead of driving them further apart and which creates creative solutions instead of destructive power struggles is a vital leadership skill.

Finding a resolution that satisfies confliciting priorities can stimulate new approaches to old problems. Innovation is often a by-product of well-managed conflict.

Fear of Conflict
Unfortunately, most people are afraid of conflict. Few have skill to handle waring parties. As a result, conflict goes underground, sabotaging projects and destroying team spirit.

This workshop covers how to control bickering and hostile outbursts while uncovering how each party sees the issues, and how to mediate an agreement on what should be done, who should do what and when.

"Very practical, hands-on approach...
definitely a must for managers."

"Your so clear and reasonable."
-Sharon A. Bower
author of Asserting Yourself

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